Motorcycle Insurance Guide


You want to be sure you're receiving a good deal on your motorcycle insurance because it's a significant investment. The proper coverage is vital. In general, more excperienced riders insuring a cruiser will find their rates less expensive. 

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Insurance 

First and foremost, obtain a comprehensive insurance quote before purchasing a motorcycle. Frequently we find our clients in sticker shock at the cost of an annual motorcycle policy, and these tend to be youthful inexeperienced riders looking to insure a sport bike.  Be wary of buying bikes with aftermarket frames or engines since many insurers consider these to be red flags. Do your research; learn everything you can about the type of bike you want, then locate an agent who can explain the insurance implications for the specifications you've selected.

Be honest and straightforward while answering the agent’s underwriting questions while buying motorcycle insurance.  The number of traffic tickets, past policy cancellations, accidents, and other M-licensed individuals in the household and other underwriting factors are crucial in determining if you qualify and how much you will have to pay. Get a copy of your driving record from the MVA before seeking insurance quotes if you have had more than one traffic ticket (not including parking tickets) in the last three years, that way you’ll know precisely what’s on your driving report. The cost of obtaining your driving record is about $10.

Remember that there are a lot of nuances to comprehend while shopping for motorcycle insurance, and a reputable insurance agent will explain everything to you thoroughly. Don't be scared to ask questions if you don't understand anything. An insurance policy that best meets your needs should be tailored to you.  A professional insurance agent will recomend specific coverages and limits, such as medical payments and uninsured motorist bodily inury. An experienced insurance  agent will guide you through this decision-making process and set you at ease.

Many insurance carriers offer bundle discounts. When obtaining a quote, ask us about carinsurance and homeowners insurance too!



There are several optional coverages that you can add to the policy to give you further peace of mind.

Have you added aftermarket parts or equipment to your bike after purchasing it? Let your insurance agent know so they can add coverage for custom equipment.

Adding roadside assistance to your policy means you won’t be stranded. Roadside assistance typically covers towing service, battery jump start, flat-tire service, locksmith, and fuel delivery. Insurance companies provide 24 hour service for roadside assistance and they contract with towing companies who bill the insurance company directly. If you run out of gas, the fuel delivery service is covered by the plan however you’ll need to pay for the cost of the gas.

And don’t forget to ask your agent about discounts! If you’ve taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course approved by the MVA, you may qualify for a discount! Some insurance companies also offer discounts for Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructors.

Ride safe!

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